Corum Launched A Limited Edition Big Bubble Magical Replica Watches Cooperated With Djibril Cissé

Corum Bubble collection has continuously launched fashionable and stunning watch that amazing the watch lovers all over the world since 2000, capturing the hearts of the majority of watch lovers with a distinctive and interesting design. Recently, Corum has teamed up with Djibril Cissé to launch the big luxury copy watch.

Corum Bubble Presents the innovation and fashion, attracting many watch lovers who love interesting timepieces.
Corum Bubble Replica With Black Dial

Djibril Cissé is not only known as the outstanding athlete, but also the talent who ever took part in the creation of several films, publishing books, releasing two solo albums, participated in TV show, working as DJ, and even launching a personal clothing brand.

The dial of new 52mm Corum Bubble replica watch has been decorated with the skull pattern especially designed for Djibril Cissé. With the black and gold color matching, the watch looks really amazing. Through the domed sapphire crystal, the eyes of the skull looks more profound and hollow. The open designed chin of the skull would remind you of the “lion” which is another name of Djibril Cissé. The number 9 has been set inside of the chin, which presents the number of Djibril Cissé’ jersey, paying tribute to his outstanding sports career and extraordinary work life.

Corum imitation with black rubber strap doesn’t equip the hands on the dial to maintain the impressive visual effect of the skull, presenting the skull in great reality. The “Magical” off-centered indicator has taken place of the hands. Other features of the wrist watch include the 18k gold case and two red circles which is designed to display the time. Equipped with calibre CO390, the timepiece provides a power reserve of 65 hours. Only 88 pieces have been launched.

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