Corum Limited Edition Admiral’s Cup Slim Dials Replica Watches

If you find yourself strangely attracted to the colorful Toy Watch Randy sports while judging American Idol, but need a watch ready for the rigorous demands of the high seas, Corum replica watches have you covered. At this year’s Basel World, the brand released a limited edition Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 Chronograph Rubber, offered in three vibrant color schemes.

We got to spend some time with this colorful addition to the Admiral’s Cup line in Basel this year, here is what you can expect.

Corum replica watches.

As the name eludes, there is a liberal use of rubber that stretches beyond the strap. The stainless steel case fake Corum watches lives underneath a thin application of color-coordinated rubber. Even the crown and pushers have received a coating of vulcanized rubber. What results is a textural delight to your fingers, a sure-footed platform ensuring wearers will no longer be frustrated by slippage when engaging that chronograph start/stop.

Functionality isn’t the only advantage rubber affords. With it, comes stylistic flexibility, and Corum hasn’t let the opportunity pass them by. The three available colors, red, blue and white, are not for the faint of heart. Each are vibrant in their execution, and sharply contrasted by either black, or white details. Turning the watch over, even the rotor has been treated with a splash of body-matched color.

Providing power is Corum’s chronometer certified CO753 automatic chronograph movement.  So you’ve got the look, along with some respectable work chops inside. Best of all, you avoid the emasculation from wearing a watch with the word “toy” in its name.

Blue style Corum fake watches.

Each color is limited to 100 units of production, pricing is set at $8,150. Check copy Corum watches out more live pics after the break and find your favorite.

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