Eye-Catching Corum Golden Bridge Replica Watches

In 1977, Vincent exhibited his first model in 1977 and it was just on the exhibition he met the founder Rene Bannwart of Corum. He cooperated with Rene to complete that watch and finally the first perfect fake Corum Golden Bridge was released in 1980 on the Baselworld.

The special movement could be viewed through the transparent case.
Gold Cases Replica Corum Golden Bridge

Why is that best copy watches called “Golden Bridge”? As the name implies, the movement looks like a bridge, meanwhile, all the splints are made by yellow gold. Adorned with carving, the movement looks more exquisite.

All gold Corum Golden Bridge are innovative and eye-catching.
Innovative Corum Fake Watches

The movement has been assembled in a completely transparent case. It entirely makes the Corum replica watches online with brown leather strap an artistic work. The gold cases become the showcases of the sophisticated movement.

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