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Iconic International Flags Of Corum Admiral Legend Replica Watches

Referring to Corum, many watch lovers will think of the symbolic Bubble collection or the luxurious Golden Bridge collection. But if dating back to 1960s, what we discuss must be the perfect fake Corum Admiral watches.

The international flags make the timepiece more recognizable.
Blue Rubber Strap Copy Corum Admiral

The product lines are especially influenced by the water, yachts and navigation. The shape of cases of the 42 mm Corum imitation watches is dodecagon which makes the timepiece more recognizable.

White Dial Replica Corum Admiral Legend

You will see the iconic mizzen on the dial of the recognizable knockoff watch which is worn on the wrist. Meanwhile, the international flags also take the responsibility of the hour markers. The overall design of the Corum Admiral Legend watches have exactly combined the theme of sailing.

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