Mark Wahlberg Buys Yet Another Ridiculous Best Quality Fake Patek Philippe Watches Online

The only thing Mark Wahlberg likes more than working out is buying luxury Patek Philippe replica watches – although we imagine his latest purchase was likely a workout for his wallet…

The 51-year-old actor, producer, former rapper and fitness fanatic is one of Hollywood’s most prolific Swiss made fake watches collectors, but he’s got a particular passion for Patek: Wahlberg owns literally dozens of pieces from what’s widely considered the most prestigious watch brand on the planet, from iced-out perfect replica Patek Philippe Nautilus watches to nifty Grand Complications.

But it’s the latter – that is, the collection that contains the Swiss watchmaker’s most complicated, expensive and hard-to-get copy watches for sale – that he has a particular passion for.

Hanging out with California watch collector Zach Lu – who’s perhaps best known as the man who bought the first ever Tiffany & Co. Nautilus for over $6 million – Wahlberg showed off his new cheap US replica Patek Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater watches (ref. 5374/300P), worth a solid US$1.15 million. Jeez.

This AAA wholesale super clone watches, which was unveiled to journalists earlier this year at Watches & Wonders Geneva (that’s if you were even allowed into the Patek booth – only a fraction of W&W attendees were allowed in), is a hefty chunk of platinum and diamonds that stands out as one of Patek’s blingiest pieces.

Its case, lugs and bezel are adorned with a huge array of diamonds, with both the case sides and its bezel featuring a double row of baguette diamonds. Its dial flange is also set with baguette diamonds, with baguette blue sapphires on the hour-markers.

As the name implies, the 1:1 top replica watches combines a perpetual calendar with moonphase display with a minute repeater complication, activated by the slider on the left-hand side of the case. Mental stuff.

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