New Corum Heritage Artisans Replica Watches With The Theme Of Vanitas

The skull will often remind you of the death but in the field of the literature and art, what the skull represents is not only the terrible death. Meanwhile, it is also an image used to alert people to the shortness of life. In watchmaking industry, the time and death are usually used as the inspiration of the pattern of the dial. Today’s two perfect fake Corum watches are exactly created on basis of the theme of Vanitas.

The skull pattern has been adopted by many famous watch brands.
Innovative Corum Heritage Artisans Replica

Corum has launched the enamel watches since 1980. This year the brand released the Heritage Artisans wristwatches which are all with the black enamel dials. Both these two Corum Heritage Artisans copy watches with steel cases present the high level of craftsmanship.

Corum always pursues the innovatiton and revolution.
Red Leather Strap Copy Corum

Each 39 mm imitation watch is driven by calibre co110 that provides a power reserve of 42 hours. The red elements are striking on the black dial and the color-matching of black – red is very eye-catching.

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