Splendid Corum Golden Bridge Replica Watches With Majestic Golden Dragon Sculpture

The Golden Bridge which was created in 1980 has been considered as one of the brand’s representative models. Designed by Vincent Calabrese, this timepiece is distinctive with the slender linear movement that is set inside of the open-worked case. The perfect fake Corum Golden Bridge is not only the breakthrough in technology, but also one of the most beautiful contemporary watches.

Each element of this timepiece presents the brand's high level of craftsmanship.
Diamonds Paved Bezel Corum Replica

Five years ago, inspired by the Chinese culture, the first Corum Golden Bridge with the “dragon” was created, which offered the extraordinary visual effect. Corum never stops its ways of innovation. This year it tries to use the hand-carved sculpture and engraved golden dragon to replace the micro structure around the movement of original model. Of course, it succeeds. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the posture of the whole dragon from the skeleton dial of the rose gold case copy Corum.

This extraordinary timepiece is inspired by the Chinese culture.
Extraordinary Corum Golden Bridge Fake

Many watch lovers love the distinctive design of this Corum, but they also think it is difficult to control its splendid temperament. Each detail of this 43 mm knockoff watch has presented the brand’s high level of craftsmanship perfectly.

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