Swiss Made Fake Patek Philippe’s Grandmaster Chime is the ultimate Complication from the ultimate complication-makers

It’s not every day that perfect replica Patek Philippe releases a new variant of their most complicated wristwatch – let alone two. I need not remind you that, not too long ago, a steel variant made for OnlyWatch sold for a staggering CHF 31 million, making it the most expensive watch ever sold, surpassing Paul Newman’s Paul Newman and luxury fake Patek Philippe’s own Henry Graves Supercomplication.
The headlining piece is this – a baguette diamond and emerald-set 49.4mm x 16.32mm behemoth of a white-gold case, with hand-guillochéd hobnail on the dials. Set with two concentric circles of emeralds, this is meant to be the main display, showing the date of the perpetual calendar, second time zone complication and alarm on/off indication, along with many others – you can check out the full list of complications at the end of this article.

Once reversed, you’re met with an opaline black surface symmetrically displaying calendar and second time zone complications, including a four-digit year at the very centre.
The dial appliques of the cheap fake Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300GR are in rose gold, contrasting against the brown backdrop, with creamy sub-dials on both sides of the watch.

Measuring in at 47.7mm x 16.07mm, the white and rose gold case of the 6300GR is certainly less conspicuous than its gem-set sibling. Instead of baguette-cut diamonds, we see AAA quality replica Patek Philippe’s signature hobnail pattern gracing the side of the case, with flawlessly polished pushers and sliders interrupting the regular pattern.

The Swiss super clone Patek Philippe‘s movement in both of these pieces is the memorably named Calibre 300 GS AL 36‑750 QIS FUS IRM. All of these complications mean a 37mm diameter for the movement itself, beating at 25,200 vph for up to 72 hours, while the striking components have a 30-hour power reserve by themselves. It’s composed of 1,366 parts and the aforementioned 20 complications, which are a grande et petite sonnerie, minute repeater with classic gongs, strikework mode display, alarm with time strike, alarm on/off indicator, date repeater, movement and strikework power reserve, strikework isolator indicator, second time zone, second time zone day/night indicator, instantaneous perpetual calendar displaying day, date, month, leap year and four-digit year, moon phase, 24-hour and minutes sub-dial, and crown position indication. And breathe.

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