Swiss Made Replica Corum Bubble X-Ray: bold styling

The entire premise behind the replica Corum Bubble goes back to the second owner of Swiss fake Corum, Severin Wunderman, who was inspired by an experimental diving watch from the 1960s that featured a massively domed crystal. He took the styling and added wildly creative dials, carving out a niche for the perfect replica Corum Bubble. And it took off.

What’s more, Wunderman has always had a fascination with life and death, especially Día de los Muertos, which resulted in a fondness for skulls.

The very first collection even contained a luxury fake Corum Bubble with a skull on the dial, making it a mainstay of the collection for all of its 21 years. Over that time the variety has been wide and creative, with 1:1 replica Corum regularly engaging popular artists to create something different or unexpected. Even though this new rendition features the ever-popular skull, the super clone Corum Bubble X-Ray goes in a different direction once again.

Using layers of sapphire crystal to create a three-dimensional skull, the AAA quality replica Corum Bubble X-Ray creates a visual experience that feels more like a physical x-ray if you had x-ray vision. Combining it with Super-LumiNova to make a glowing x-ray adds another dimension, even though they usually aren’t seen that way.

X-rays are higher on the spectrum than ultraviolet so they are invisible; we usually see the results of them on photographic film where shades of white and grey show what has been x-rayed.

All about the experience
White and grey constitute the colors of the skull on the Swiss made replica Corum Bubble X-Ray when it isn’t glowing in the dark, yet somehow the luminescent version feels even more accurate, or at least more energetic. But I think that is kind of the point: it’s supposed to be wild, and a glow-in-the-dark x-ray skull is anything but boring.

The skeletonized hands allow a clearer view of the multilayer skull, and the hour and minute markers have been kept as minimal as possible near the edge so they don’t distract from the art of the dial.

Keeping distractions low continues on with the stainless steel case, which sports a satin black PVD coating. The strap is also black, a diamond-textured rubber that fades away. However, it does feature luminescent green stitching that glows with the dial for added effect. This makes sense as the goal of the high quality Corum Bubble X-Ray fake watches for sale is obviously to present an experience to the wearer, something all Bubble models share.

The cheap copy Corum Bubble X-Ray is definitely a statement piece, too, with its 47 millimeter diameter and hefty 18.5 millimeter height thanks to that massive domed sapphire crystal. Nobody buys a top Swiss fake Corum Bubble to hide underneath a jacket sleeve anyway, so that size is a boon for dial designers looking to maximize the aesthetic.

Large expanses make for some epic displays, which the Corum Bubble X-Ray replica for men has in spades. I am excited to see if Swiss movement fake watches uses the multilayer sapphire crystal dial in thee future to create more three-dimensional x-ray designs or perhaps plays with the idea of holographic-style dials. With the Bubble, nothing is off limits.

And now it’s time to break this one down!

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