Trendy And Sporty Corum Admiral AC-ONE Replica Watches For Women

Corum created new timepieces especially for modern women who are interested in fashion, optimism and outdoor sports. They are 38 mm copy Corum Admiral AC-ONE watches.

The 38 mm Corum has been favored by numerous watch lovers.
White Rubber Strap Copy Corum Admiral

AC-ONE was launched in 2013, which was especially designed for men initially. It has inherited the iconic features of Admiral. For example, it has been endowed with the rounded shape and the case has been polished and blasted well. The AC-one with 38 mm case has shifted the emphasis to women industry again and absolutely these perfect Corum knockoff watches have attracted numerous women wearers.

The diamonds paved on the bezel has added the feminine touch to the timepiece.
Titanium Case Replica Corum Admiral AC-One

These AC-one watches are aiming to enrich the 45 mm models by these female versions. The fake watches with diamonds paved bezels seem to be more rounded and elaborate. So Corum has redesigned the movement for these female ladies.

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