Amazing Corum Admiral AC-One 45 Chronograph Replica Watches With Bronze Cases

Corum has built the relationship with the yachts racing for a long time and the perfect Corum Admiral copy watch is the best paragon that symbolizes the close relationship between them. Since its launch of 60 years, Corum has released many impressive models of Admiral and now it is one of the most recognizable watches now.

The Corum has combined two attractive features: teak dial and bronze case.
Fantastic Copy Corum Admiral AC-One Chronograph

The bronze could be considered as the hottest material in watchmaking industry now. Many famous watch brands have used it to manufacture the brand new models. Corum also adopts such a distinctive material, however, the bronze has been interpreted in a unique method which is completely unlike other brands. If you see the brown teak dial fake Corum, you will understand it well.

Corum Admiral sports a distinctive look of retro style.
Brown Calfskin Strap Fake Corum Watch

Corum chooses to let the watch be with antique finish before releasing, making the 45 mm knockoff watch look like to be an old watch that has been used for a long time. Meanwhile, the combination of the teak dial and bronze case is really amazing.

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