Introducing Of Important Features Of New Corum Admiral AC-ONE Replica Watches

From the name of the Admiral you will conclude that the iconic collection of Corum will have a close relationship with the ocean. But the perfect copy Corum Admiral is water resistant to a depth of only 30 meters. That is very strange and many watch lovers couldn’t understand it including me. But it is undeniable that the Admiral watches are always very charming.

The unique teak dial is perfect in line with the tone of bronze case.
Brown Teak Dials Copy Corum Watches

One of the important features of this 45 mm Corum fake watch is the bronze case. Unlike many other watch brands, the bronze it uses has been already dealt with antique finish. Corum always has its unique way to interpret the trend.

The overall tone of this Corum Admiral sports a distinctive look of retro style.
Brown Calfskin Strap Corum Admiral AC-ONE Replica

The other is the special teak dial. The innovative pattern of the teak dial meets the tone of the bronze case of the bronze case imitation watch perfectly.

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