Dreamlike Corum Bubble Op Art Replica Watches Bring You To Beautiful Childhood

Maturity and innocence are never contradictory, and every adult has been a child before. When the icy machine meets the creative watchmaker, it turns into a fun and childlike heart on the wrists. The watchmakers of Corum interpret the unique optical illusions art through the vaulted glass which is inspired by the great works of Victor Vasarely who was called the father of Op art. The creative Corum Bubble copy watch will help you look for the original innocence and beauty of life.

The Op Art was created by Corum and Nicolas Le Moigne, the industrial designer, which was released with a limit amount of 350 pieces. Nicolas Le Moigne has taken advantage of the elements of visual art, showing the magical three-dimensional effect in the small space on the dial with the unique visual motion effect. The Corum imitation watch with stainless steel case with brown PVD treatment has been named the Drop. It features a distinctive dial adorned with Op art visual pattern in bronze and brown hands, just like a natural undulations topography and the embossed pattern is ingeniously matched with light and shadow effect.

The Corum Bubble Op Art watch present a mysterious visual effect of a magic world of watchmaking.
Corum Bubble Fake With Stainless Steel Case With Blue PVD Treatment

Another model is named Bubble Sphere2. The fake watch with blue leather strap with rubber lining features light blue lines on the dial, which are smooth and fierce. The curves are subtly combined with the crystal to form one part of the visual effect. The dial and glass are perfectly integrated to be like a mysterious and blue star, exploring the imagination of the world of wristwatches.

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