Luxury Replica Corum Bubble X-Ray: It Glows Inside!

The Swiss fake Corum Bubble on its own is a bold watch. It sports a massive domed crystal that acts like a magnifying lens, which distorts the dial unless viewed perfectly straight on (and a little even then). It was first released at Baselworld in 2000 and went on to be a very popular vehicle for artistic expression for best quality replica Corum.

The various dial of luxury replica watches decorations include seemingly everything from photography, cartoons, logos, sayings, abstract art, miniature cymbals (really), and mechanical exhibitions of skeleton movements and tourbillons.

One long-standing theme for the decorations has been the skull in numerous forms, and the Corum Bubble fake for sale has become a bit of a go-to for alternative aesthetics (in other words goth, punk, and rocker types).

The Corum Bubble X-Ray replica watches online continues this theme with its dial, a massive, layered X-ray image of the human skull smiling out at you from under the bulbous sapphire dome. The skull is larger than the dial, extending to the top and past the bottom, completely dominating the cheap copy watch and making it clear that this is piece meant to grab attention.

The hands are the typical Corum Bubble fake watches for men style but lack the infilled Super-LumiNova, making them skeletonized, a perfectly appropriate choice for a watch highlighting an x-ray of a skeleton.

Normally, lacking lume on the hands would make the Swiss made copy watch harder to read in the dark, but this is where the high quality replica Corum Bubble X-Ray plays its trump card: the layered x-ray of the skeleton is luminescent and glows in the dark, lighting up the dial with the eerie image. That glow also makes the skull feel like it’s floating in the dark, another touch of gothic inspiration for what otherwise would be a medically-inspired watch.
The case is the typical AAA quality fake Corum Bubble case with a large round crown for easy setting and an exhibition case back to see automatic Caliber CO 082 inside. But the purpose of most 1:1 fake Corum Bubble models is not the mechanics; it’s clearly the aesthetic.

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