My Unique Corum Bubble From The “Customize Your Bubble Competition” Delivered

My custom cheap replica Corum Bubble has arrived. And, yes, it has a real presence!

You may recall reading in Customize Your Own Corum Bubble? I Did And So Can You that I submitted a design for a customized Corum Bubble that achieved second place in the competition.

Boris Pjanic’s colorful custom Corum Bubble on the wrist

As I wrote, Corum held an unusual competition earlier in 2016 in which people designed their own dials for a Bubble and posted them on Instagram.

While I had never before heard of anything similar, there were hundreds of participants and a public vote. The first three places became winners, and these designers received a unique watch featuring their dial designs.

Boris Pjanic’s custom Corum Bubble

Two of the winning Bubbles have been delivered so far, while the third will soon be delivered to its new owner in Russia.

According to Corum, the three winning Bubbles will remain unique pieces (there were rumors one of the designs might be made into a limited edition).

Boris Pjanic’s custom Corum Bubble

I photographed a portion of a colorful painting I had done and created my dial that way. It attracted more than 500 votes, which brought it to second place.

I have painted since I was a child. In fact, my parents always expected me to become an artist. But when I reached the age of 19, I had serious doubts I would make it as an artist. However, I kept painting throughout my life, but only for my own fun. Combining my artsy side with the creation of a dial has crowned my passion for watches and art. Cheap fake Corum Bubble watches.

It is a first, and hopefully not the last.

Boris Pjanic’s Corum Bubble on the painting that inspired the dial design

The dial on my Corum Bubble displays an abstract painting. Lots of colors flow into each other, creating a unique mix of yellow, blue, red, and green. Friends have told me that the painting reminds them of the style of German painter Gerhard Richter. I don’t see that, but, hey, outsiders may see what I am not able to see.

Boris Pjanic’s custom Corum Bubble from the side on the wrist

The watch is housed in a substantial black case 47 mm in diameter and powered by an automatic movement. The transparent case back shows off a nicely finished Swiss movement.

View through the display back of Boris Pjanic’s custom Corum Bubble

Not only does the crystal form a “bubble,” but the whole watch is strongly curved. I never noticed this before about the Bubble, but once I put it on my wrist, I understood. Due to its sheer size, it has to be curved like that to really fit comfortably on the wrist. And it sure does.

Corum Bubble from the side highlighting the size of the “bubble” crystal

I don’t usually wear such large watches; 40 mm is generally my size. But here, 47 mm fit just perfectly to my own surprise.

Boris Pjanic’s custom Corum Bubble on the wrist

As the case is blackened, it further enhances the colorful swirls of the dial.

Boris Pjanic’s custom Corum Bubble

I feel honored to have such a unique timepiece and will cherish it for the rest of my life. Thank you, luxury fake watches Corum, you more than just made my day.

Boris Pjanic’s custom Corum Bubble on the wrist

Quick Facts

Case: PVD-coated black stainless steel ( Replica Corum Bubble All Black case), 47 x 18.8 mm, high domed sapphire crystal 8 mm in height
Movement: automatic Caliber CO 0082 (ETA 2892)
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds; date
Limitation: one unique piece as second-place winner of the Customize Your Bubble competition
Price: $3,425 for the All Black collection model

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